We guarantee top quality of our products for good price!

About us


We guarantee you the highest quality products at good prices!

We protect you from any troubles related with house building process.
The combination of our profound experience and your ideas will help to build your dream home.
We offer you high quality materials, eco-friendly and safe constructions
The house is yours - the trouble is ours.

We are the most experienced panel house manufacturers in Lithuania. We have been specializing in the field of timber frame panel house production since 1995. In 1999, we had assimilated a semi-automated timber frame panel house manufacturing line produced at the German company HESS-Technology. Consequently,traditional handicraft and a regular manufacturing line have been combined. All elements of panel houses are produced within the closed premises of the factory therefore the manufacturing process is not influenced by bad weather conditions, a negative atmospheric impact or seasonality.

The larger half of the production staff has been employed with the company since its foundation. Accordingly, we can ensure professionalism, reliability and quality controlled by German independent experts. We have been members of a federal quality association (Bundes-Gütegemeinschaft Montagebau und Fertighäuser e.V.) since 2001.
The manufacturing process exclusively employs quality materials recognized and certified in Europe.
A panel house is a home for your family which can be designed according to your family's needs.
The house plans you make will be turned into reality by us.

Our Vision - becoming a reliable, responsible and Europe-wide established wood panel house manufacturer.

Our Mission
Implementation of customers' expectations in the production of eco-friendly high quality panel houses and their elements with best value for life time.
Ensuring adequate working conditions, steady work and decent wages to the employees.
Being a reliable and responsible partner to our suppliers.

Our Values:
• quality
• focus on the customer
• ecology
• reliability and professionalism
• responsibility
• team work

Our Customers
Our customers are enterprises and the private customers from Sweden, Germany, Norway, Holland, Denmark and Latvia.
Export constitutes 90 percent of our total income.
We are a German managed company operating in Lithuania with suppliers from different countries and their subcontractors. Consequently, we have acquired skills in satisfying the requests of our even most demanding partners. The customer's justified expectations are the highest appreciation however we do not only seek to justify expectations but also to surpass them.

We are constantly learning and developing so that we can offer you our products and services of the highest quality.