The company is unique among the other companies in this field: we do not offer typical projects or some specific wall constructive.

Production Process


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Prefabricated building elements - field and internal walls, floor, roof - are produced in closed spaces of the plant, so the production process, quality and project deadlines are not affected by poor weather conditions, adverse weather effects or seasonal basis. 



Panels are manufactured by specialized production line, leading to a maximum frame compression and precise geometry of the panel. 

Frame is the key element in building structure predetermining endurance, strength and durability of the building. Constructive parts of the house are made from fully treated, dried to 15% ± 3% humidity, planed wood.



The composition of boards: one- or two-chamber construction, insulation layer thickness, i.e. thermal resistance of wall, floor and roof panels, what materials are to be used for production, what will be finality of panel in factory - all these items are always coordinated with the client.



In accordance with agreed project electric system installation tubes are installed in the panels, places for installation boxes are prepared and, if the customer wishes, boxes are installed.


Panels can be made up to 3 m high and up to 11 m in length.



Upon client's request, windows are installed into prefabricated house elements.


Production process of average-sized, about 150 square meters panel house, takes 2 to 3 weeks.


Manufactured panels are transported to finished production warehouse where the products are loaded into trucks.



Prefabricated building elements are installed at the construction site in 2 to 5 days. 



How much does it cost?

The price depends on many factors: design, chosen constructive, materials used for production etc.