Timber Panel / Timber Frame Houses

Timber Panel / Timber Frame Houses


Wood is one of the best heat insulators

Wood is one of the oldest building materials in the world, offering incomparable warmth and comfort for entire generations.

Wood is one of the world’s oldest building materials which used to and continues to provide warmth and comfort to many generations.

Durability of wood is proved by the so-called fachwerk houses which are especially popular in Germany.

Timber system construction, also known as timber frame construction, presents more extensive and novel opportunities for centuries-old fachwerk technology and provides the highest living comfort and the freedom to choose the preferred house facade with all possible design forms (plaster, wood, clinker, etc.).

Timber has specific static qualities which are compared to steel and concrete. Wood is a good heat insulating material because of its porous structure and small weight. Compared to steel and concrete, thermal expansion is minor so it does not have any impact on structures.

Natural raw materials that ensure comfort

Wood is a perfect building material that warrants excellent quality of life. It is a natural, renewable, environmentally harmless material resistant to heat, cold and corrosion.

The sole factor that must be controlled is moisture. Therefore, we use only dried and planed timber in panel manufacturing.

A panel house is built of a factory manufactured panels.

Arrangements with the customer are always made with regard to the composition of panels (a single- or two-chamber design), thickness and thermal resistance of wall and roof panels and the sorts of materials to be used in production.

The manufacturing process and the quality of a panel house as well as the terms of execution are not influenced by the bad weather conditions: wind, cold or rain. 

The manufacturing process of an average-sized house (about 150 sq. m.) approximately takes 3 weeks. Assemblage on the foundations takes from 2 to 4 days.